Mechanical Services

- Bottom Hole Pressure & Temperature Surveys.

- Electronic BHP/BHT Memory Gauge Services.

- Running & Pulling Downhole Plugs & Safety Valves.

- Shifting Sliding Sleeves.

- Completion Integrity.-

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Cementing & Pumping Service

ALKHAIMAH GATE offers cementing services across:

- Cementing equipment with complete automatic density control capabilities.

- Mud pumping equipment with complete automatic density control capabilities.

- Brine Pumping equipment with complete automatic density control capabilities. Batch mixers equipment on location.

- Complete lab for testing slurries and other fluids.

- Specifications & characteristics of high quality cement systems for specific operations.

- Also, ALKHAIMAH GATE providing cementing operations for the following objectives:

- Provide hydraulic seal, create zonal isolation, provide structural support for casing, protect casing from corrosion, Isolate casing seat from subsequent drilling, protect useable water.

General Construction

Structural Steel




Customs Clearing has recently been added to our services

General Trading

As your trading partner, We can offer you a wide range of expertise in marketing and distribution of products and services.

Key Logistics

Multiple access routes to southern oilfields. Direct access to the main highways. 25 mins drive to Basra international airport. 10 mins drive to Basra City centre. 10 mins drive to SOC. Direct rutes to ports and Kuwait Full security with several rings of protection 


ALKHAIMAH GATE has undertaken wide range of construction projects. ALKHAIMAH GATE adopts Latest in equipment and construction methodologies. The emphasis has always been towards quality and customer satisfaction. ALKHAIMAH GATE takes pride in finishing all projects it has undertaken within specified project time lines and within budgets. The various areas of construction that ALKHAIMAH GATE has proven track records are in the following : Design and build capability from small camps to large military base construction. Design and execution of civil work Power distribution system design and construction Sewage treatment design and construction Road design and construction Surveying / Land plotting / Drafting Design and execute various electrical engineering work Maintenance support includes maintenance of Electric systems Generators, Lighting , Living facilities, plumping system, A/C units, repair and services pertaining to camps of all sizes. ALKHAIMAH GATE has done complete operation and Maintenance (O&M) services for camps and some of them are capable of hosting huge troops and more contractors’ personnel and we do also possess wide experience in maintaining Rigs and oilfield camp facilities very remote locations.