ALKHAIMAH GATE Company safely provides a comprehensive scope of construction services for the oil and natural gas industry. ALKHAIMAH GATE Company a is redefining the turnkey process by bringing full engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services plus specialized skills and unmatched resources to the pipeline lifecycle. Oil and gas companies choose us for our extensive knowledge, expansive resources and unmatched scope of services. As the industry leader for infrastructure solutions, Musandam Co. has demonstrated its value to effectively manage time constraints and work in uncharted territory.

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sand blasting

Sandblasting offers an effective method for removing dirt, rust, paint and other contaminants from a surface. The sandblasting process involves using pressurized air or water to shoot a stream of abrasive material over the surface in need of cleaning. The abrasive material or media — often silica sand — wears against the surface until it is cleaned and smoothed evenly. The high-powered erosion removes paint and other contaminants much more quickly than sandpaper and other cleaning methods, making sandblasting ideal for preparing large surfaces.

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Maintenance Services

ALKHAIMAH GATE Company carries out painting worked of water towers, chemical storage tanks, oil tanks, waste water treatment facilities, concrete tanks, ground storage tanks, stand pipes, secondary containment structures and flammable liquid storage vessels. Our clients appreciate our coating consultant’s surface preparation and paint specification recommendations. Our paint technicians help to obtain the maximum amount of useful life for each coating we apply. ALKHAIMAH GATE Company in Painting and Sandblasting worked that many tank painting projects can be time sensitive. ALKHAIMAH GATE Company is ready to work when you are. We can work early morning hours, second or third shift, weekends and holidays with the help of our large labor force. We are dedicated to get your project done on time and within the restrictions of your budget.

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Cathodic protection

- The group has a lot of experience in installing cathodic protection systems.

- Ground systems and lightning arresters.

- Metal and steel buildings protection systems.

- CATHODIC PROTETION for tanks and pipes.

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