ALKHAIMAH GATE has executed projects, for international oil companies, including The calibration of:

• Pressure gauges

• Temperature gauges

• Level controllers

• Level switches

• Sign transmitters (pressure, temperature)

• Level controller • Pressure switches

• Temperature switches

• Pressure differential switches

• Thermocouple (RTD) Using the following tools:

• Dry block calibrator

• Electronic loop simulator/calibrator

• Dead weight tester

• Pneumatic loop calibrator

• Thermocouple calibrator

• TE provides its customers certificates with appropriate values and ALKHAIMAH GATE offers condition-monitoring, repair, maintenance, testing and service solutions of rotating Equipment in Iraq. Our key markets include Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Petrochemical industries. We provide field services, shop-based repair, engineering services, and maintenance agreements, dynamic Balancing, and general machining services. We also supply new parts from OEMs.


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